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Messy Church

Messy Church
Messy Church

Messy Church is a fun way for people of all ages to get together and explore new ways of being church together.

Each month, on the first Saturday, Messy Church meets and through craft activities, story, music, food - and mess!! - explores a particular theme or topic from the bible.

Messy Church is FREE and anyone of any age is welcome to join us. We want to see people of all ages getting together, being creative and having fun.

The session begins at 10am and finishes with lunch at midday.

For more information please call Julian on 01842 750548 or email: sanders.julian@talk21.com

Messy Church programme 2017:

Jan 7th

Getting Lost - Boy Jesus in the Temple

Feb 4th

Parties - Wedding at Cana

March 4th

What do you want to be? - Temptations of Jesus.

April 1st

Setting out - Jesus calms the Storm/Paul's shipwreck

May 6th

Ascension - Our different homes

June 3rd

Pentecost - Our different languages

July 1st

Unity - Our different  churches



Sept 2nd

David and Goliath - Coping with bullying

Oct 7th

Elijah and Elisha - Coping with illness (healing of Naaman)

Nov 4th

Samson - Heros and Villains

Nov 25th

John the Baptist - Directing people towards Jesus